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Character List

Alex Rider-Main character of the story and Ian Rider's nephew. He later becomes a spy.

Ian Rider-Alex's uncle and spy for MI6.

Jack Starbright-House keeper for Ian's house.

Mr.Crawly-Works in personnel at Royal and General, but probably an employee of MI6.

Alan Blunt-Chief Executive of the Special Operations Division of MI6

Mrs.Jones-Head of operations at MI6

Herod Sayle-Creater of the Stormbreaker, plans to infect schoolchildren with smallpox.

Felix Lester-Boy who wins the prize to test the Stormbreakers, Alex goes into Sayle Enterprises under his name

Wolf, Fox, Eagle, Snake-Codenames for the men Alex trains with at MI6 training facility.

Yessen Gregorovich-Assassin, and believed to be working with Herod Sayle.

Mr.Grin-Employee for Sayle Enterprises

Fraulein Vole-Another employee of Sayle Enterprises

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